Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Interference by Michelle Berry

Oh boy.  What to say.  This book had about 12,876 too many characters.  And really no point.  I believe that the author was trying to point out the desperation that hides behind the perfect facade of the suburban neighborhood.  But since I didn't care about ANY of the many characters, I didn't care about their desperation.  And I already know that suburbia is a facade, but it's better than living in a box, right? 

The whole setup seemed to lead towards a secret pedophile in the neighborhood that was moving towards a kidnapping.  When it finally happened, it was so completely bizarre, and unbelievable that it didn't even seem like anyone was bothered - the only indication that anyone was bothered was by the description of the yellow ribbons around the neighborhood trees when the girl (who was basically a runaway) walked home.

The runaway young mother with the (not so) scary ex, yawn.  Nothing happened.  The man with a shovel mark splitting his face that stares at the young girl.
Even the cover was more interesting than the book...
Nothing happened.  The cancer survivor with an unhappy marriage.  The most exciting thing that happened to her was that her teenaged son wants her to play on a Senior Ladies Hockey League (Hockey? Nothing happened).

Oh yeah, every kid in this book was kind of repulsive.  Even more so that the adults.  That's kind of hard to do, right?

The author appears to have talent, but I think she had so many characters, she couldn't focus on any of them, and never seemed to find the story.

I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 

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