Saturday, July 2, 2016

So Close by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

What They Say....Amanda Beth Luker has always wanted more than life in her trailer park town. She has no degree, and no plan, but when she meets Tom Davis, a powerful lawyer with aspirations of making a difference, she knows her only chance for success is to do whatever it takes, whatever he asks of her—even as it threatens the one person she has ever let herself love, the smoldering and troubled Pax Westerbrook. She suspects one man will make her and one will destroy her—but can she figure out which in time?

What I Say....Booksparks has really been hitting it out of the park with this year's Summer Reading Challenge.  This was another one day read - actually a one night read, as I stayed up until midnight finishing this book.

Amanda comes from a dying town, a broken down trailer and a completely dysfunctional mom who has no maternal instincts or money.

Amanda is living penny to penny and sharing a hotel room with five other girls in the same boat.  But she is determined to rise above her meager beginnings and success to her looks like a small, clean apartment and towels from Target.

But when Amanda starts working for Tom and Lindsey Davis on his political campaign, she thinks she sees the way couples are supposed to look at each other, and how a family is supposed to be.

As Tom rises up, Amanda continues to support them as their personal assistant, while dealing with her own in and out relationship with rich boy, Pax.  Neither one of them seem to be sure if they are in or out, and their timing always seems off, but they keep coming back to each other.

I was stuck on this book because I wanted to know how things turned out for Amanda - she's a girl with too much past still clinging to her, too many responsibilities for someone her age and no real, consistent support from anyone.

I was definitely rooting for her to have some happiness - because if anyone carried the weight of everyone around her on her shoulders, it was Amanda.

Don't judge this book by the description, I thought Amanda would be in love with Tom by the blurb - it's nothing like that.  Such a good, emotional read.  Loved it.

Current Goodreads Rating 3.71
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