Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Top Ten Underrated Authors

Top Ten Underrated Authors in the any Genre

Well, this is a hard one to start my top ten list with.  I think I'll have to do multiple genres - because I'm not sure I know ten underrated authors in one genre.  I probably actually do, but that sounds like way too much thought to put into a Tuesday night.

1.  Rosamunde Pilcher, Genre: Chick Lit
Not sure she is really underrated, just maybe not appreciated by people in this century.  I love her books, The Shell Seekers is one of my all time favorites.  She was really English chick lit before there was such a thing.

2.  Lolly Winston, Genre: Chick Lit 
I have really enjoyed all of her books and I'm surprised that she hasn't become bigger.  Good Grief was an excellent book, and really made me feel for the characters.  That's a true gift in an author.

3.  Katherine Center, Genre: Chick Lit
The Bright Side of Disaster was a great book, excellent chick lit with the unexpected pregnancy - I'm always a sucker for the unexpected pregnancy.

4.  Peter Stenson, Genre: Horror

Well if you aren't Stephen King (or related to Stephen King), you are automatically in the running to be underrated, but Fiend was a powerhouse novel.  How do you mix zombies and junkies and find yourself rooting for a addict to find crack?  Peter Stenson will show you how.

5.  Elizabeth Flock.  Genre: Literature, Mystery
Me & Emma was a great book.  She used one of the oldest tricks in the book as a plot twist, and I still didn't see it coming.

6.  Heather Gudenkauf.  Genre: Literature, Mystery
I love her books, but she's never really seemed to hit it big.  The Weight of Silence was an excellent book about a missing girl and the secrets a family keeps.

7.  Jamie Kain.  Genre: YA 
I hope she won't be underrated for too long.  Her book The Good Sister was one of the best I've read this year.

8.  Lisa Jewell.  Genre: Literature 
The House We Grew Up In was such a great read.  English countryside, hoarders, suicide, what else could be missing?

9. Jennifer McMahon.  General: Literature 
I love everything she has written.  Gritty, stomach clenching reads, usually involving at risk kids that grow up to be screwed up adults.  Promise Not to Tell, Don't Breathe a Word, The One I Left Behind, Island of Lost Girls.  Take your pic, they are all good, and I don't know why she hasn't become more well known.

I honestly can't think of number 10.  I've given you more than enough new authors to get started reading!

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