Sunday, November 9, 2014

Christmas on Chestnut Street by Nancy Thayer

What They Say....As Christmas draws near, Felicia returns to her family’s home on the island to marry her adventurous, rugged boyfriend, Archie. Every detail is picture-perfect for a dream wedding: the snow-dusted streets, twinkling lights in the windows, a gorgeous red and white satin dress. Except a lavish ceremony is not Felicia’s dream at all; it’s what her mother, Jilly, wants. Jilly’s also worried that her daughter’s life with daredevil Archie will be all hiking and skydiving. Wondering if their handsome neighbor Steven Hardy might be a more suitable son-in-law, Jilly embarks on a secret matchmaking campaign for Felicia and the dashing stockbroker.

As the big day approaches and Jilly’s older daughter, Lauren, appears with rambunctious kids in tow, tensions in the household are high. With the family careening toward a Yuletide wedding disaster, an unexpected twist in Nancy Thayer’s heartwarming tale reminds everyone about the true meaning of the season.

What I Say....This was my Christmas 2014 kickoff book.  It was probably not the best choice, because it didn't get me too excited.

Loved the description of Nantucket, but the storyline was uneven.  The initial setup made it seem like Jilly was going to interfere with her daughter's upcoming wedding by trying to hook her up with her high school love again.  Nothing of the sort ever took place - I kept waiting for something to happen, nothing happened.

The dialogue was simplistic and Jilly was an unsympathetic character to me.  I couldn't tell whether she was a total PIA mother, or someone who was going to experience a growth moment.  Jilly as a character was uneven.  She was plotting to break up her daughter's marriage, then applauding her soon to be son-in-law.  She wanted her family to have the perfect dinner, but then shrugged when the grand kids spilled jambalaya on the carpet. 

One thing I will say is that this was a quick read.  I don't think I'm the author's target audience.
I do think maybe my stepmother might enjoy this book.  I imagine her mind works a lot like Jilly's around the holidays.  Judging....always judging......

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC!  My opinion is given honestly in exchange.

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