Sunday, April 19, 2015

Weekly Book Haul......April 19, 2015

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Well, this has been a quiet week.  I finished a few books.  Started a few new ones.  I  used to love suspense books, and I'm not sure when that changed but they make me uneasy now.  I've started "House of Echoes" by Brendan Duffy and it's already making me nervous.  But I keep forcing myself to plug along.

We are fostering the sweetest Golden Lab this week.  She was a stray that made it to the euthanasia list at the pound before she was rescued.  Now we've got her until the perfect home is found.  She is huge, probably about 70 pounds!  But she thinks she is a lap dog, she's super loving.  If you've ever thought about animal fostering, I can't recommend it enough.  If you go through a trusted rescue service, they will never let you take a dog that isn't safe.  

I haven't had one single dog that hasn't gotten along with my two dogs, even my territorial little Maltese.  The dogs are so grateful, and it's such a rewarding experience. Each one leaves a fun memory for us, and it's so rewarding to see them go onto their forever home.

So I didn't add many books this week.  I'm really working on clearing my shelves and I've finally been getting to some books that I really wanted to read.  

The bummer is that one of them was "The Beekeeper's Daughter" by Sonia Montefiore.  When I went to start it last night, I couldn't find it in my Kindle.  

After searching, I found that I must not have ever downloaded it and now it is archived on NetGalley.  Major sadness, but fresh motivation for clearing my TBR list.


The Status of All Things by Liz Fenton, Lisa Steinke....What would you do if you could literally rewrite
your fate—on Facebook? This heartwarming and hilarious new novel from the authors of Your Perfect Life follows a woman who discovers she can change her life through online status updates.

Kate is a thirty-five-year-old woman who is obsessed with social media. So when her fiancĂ©, Max, breaks things off at their rehearsal dinner—to be with Kate’s close friend and coworker, no less—she goes straight to Facebook to share it with the world. But something’s changed. Suddenly, Kate’s real life starts to mirror whatever she writes in her Facebook status. With all the power at her fingertips, and heartbroken and confused over why Max left her, Kate goes back in time to rewrite their history.

Kate's two best friends, Jules and Liam, are the only ones who know the truth. In order to convince them she’s really time traveled, Kate offers to use her Facebook status to help improve their lives. But her attempts to help them don’t go exactly as planned, and every effort to get Max back seems to only backfire, causing Kate to wonder if it’s really possible to change her fate.

In The Status of All Things, Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke combine the humor and heart of Sarah Pekkanen and Jennifer Weiner while exploring the pitfalls of posting your entire life on the Internet. They raise the questions: What if you could create your picture-perfect life? Would you be happy? Would you still be you? For anyone who’s ever attempted—or failed—to be their perfect self online, this is a story of wisdom and wit that will leave you with new appreciation for the true status of your life.

This looks like it will be a lot of fun to read.  Who doesn't have that perfect person on Facebook who drives them crazy? 

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