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Weekly Book Haul.....March 20, 2016

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Another spring week in the books in sunny Arizona.  Allergy season has been horrible here, so it's beautiful out with tons of wildflowers.  Gorgeous to look at, but hell on your sinuses.  And I hate to waste a day outside while it's still less than a 100 degrees.

I've been reading The Cracked Spine by Paige Shelton and it's a great story, but I can't stand the Scottish dialect.  It just makes it hard for me to read. I have promised myself after this, I will never read another book with a different dialect.  This is my second one this year, and it's a pet peeve for me.

I did add a few to the TBR pile, I'm trying to be very choosy because this pile is out of control!

The Wedding Sisters by Jamie Brenner.....Meryl Becker is living a mother's
 dream. The oldest of her three beautiful daughters, Meg, is engaged to a wonderful man from one of the country's most prominent families. Of course, Meryl wants to give Meg the perfect wedding. Who wouldn't? But when her two younger daughters, Amy and Jo, also become engaged to celebrated bachelors, Meryl has to admit that three weddings is more than she and her husband, Hugh, can realistically afford. 

The solution? A triple wedding! At first, it's a tough sell to the girls, and juggling three sets of future in-laws is a logistical nightmare. But when Hugh loses his teaching job, and Meryl's aging mother suddenly moves in with them, a triple wedding is the only way to get all three sisters down the aisle. When the grand plan becomes public, the onslaught of media attention adds to Meryl's mounting pressure. Suddenly, appearances are everything - and she will do whatever it takes to keep the wedding on track as money gets tight, her mother starts acting nutty, and her own thirty year marriage starts to unravel. 
In the weeks leading up to the nuptials, secrets are revealed, passions ignite, and surprising revelations show Meryl and her daughters the true meaning of love, marriage and family. Jamie Brenner's The Wedding Sisters invites readers to the most unpredictable wedding of the year.

Sleep Sister by Laura Elliot.....Two childhoods destroyed. 

One story they will never tell. 

Until now

Beth ran away from her family when she was a teenager. She left behind a terrible evil that took her innocence. She also left behind her sister, Sara

When Beth returns home, she is shocked to discover her terrible secret is not just hers alone…she shares it with Sara. Under the shadow of a remote headland, the sisters make an oath they promise never to break. 

Eva’s birth is a mystery that remains unsolved. Years later with her marriage in ruins, and her future uncertain, she realizes that to move forward with her life, she must first understand her past. 

But while Eva is drawing closer to the truth about her roots, Beth and Sara’s lives are falling apart, crushed under the weight of the secret they carry. They must confront the past and face the darkness once more. But this time, their story will be heard. 

From This Day Forward by Lauren Layne....Sex and the City meets The
Wedding Planner in this prequel to USA TODAY bestselling author Lauren Layne’s The Wedding Belles series about three high-powered New York City women who can plan any wedding—but their own.

Up-and-coming wedding photographer Leah McHale’s career is on the rise–thanks in no small part to the Wedding Belles, the elite New York wedding planning agency that always throws top-tier business Leah’s way. So when one of the Belles asks Leah to fill in at the former First Daughter's wedding, Leah is overjoyed to say yes–until she finds out who she’ll be working with.

Jason Rhodes is the one man who was able to capture Leah’s heart and, once he had it, promptly stepped all over it and left her broken. Now he’s working side-by-side with her at the biggest wedding of the season and Leah is determined to give him the cold shoulder. Despite his persistence, she is not going to fall for his charming, impish ways again. Not even if he still has that killer, irresistible smile...

Hot Little Hands by Abigail Ulman.....For fans of HBO's Girls, Abigail Ulman's
striking, darkly funny fiction explores the chronic uncertainty, exquisite dangers, and surprising tragedies of young women on the cusp of adulthood. In loosely connected short stories set across three continents, the characters in this debut collection express the collective longing of girls for the power that maturity can bring—and their confusion and disappointment when they finally attain it. Evocative and acutely observed, 
Hot Little Hands is at once dignified and self-deprecating, mischievous and disturbingly realistic.

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