Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Dear Mother by Angela Marsons

What They Say......Three sisters. Three childhoods ruined. One chance to heal the scars of the past. 

After their death of their cruel and abusive mother, estranged sisters Alex, Catherine and Beth reunite once again. 

Alex, the youngest, is a bitter, unhappy woman who refuses to face the horrors of her childhood. Finding solace in a bottle, her life is spiralling dangerously out of control. 

Eldest child, Catherine, has strived for success, despite her difficult upbringing. But behind the carefully constructed world lies secret pain - and if her secret comes out, her world could shatter forever. 

Beth, the middle child, bore the greatest burden. But having blocked out the cruelty they suffered, she remained with their mother until her death. Now she must confront the devastating reality of the past. 

Brought together as strangers, the sisters embark on a painful journey to heal themselves and each other. Can they finally put their terrible childhoods to rest and start over? 

What I Say....So, so good. So, so raw.  Three sisters, fully grown now and not close anymore after a horribly dysfunctional childhood.  The abuse that they suffered at the hands of their mother has affected each of them in very different ways.

Catherine has married and had two children that she is terrified of becoming close to, unconsciously repeating some of her mothers behaviors without any conscious knowledge of her part.  Successful in career, failing at her family.

Alex is an alcoholic, she's lost her partner because of her drinking and promiscuity.  And Beth has blocked everything out, having stayed and cared for their mother until her death.  

As they slowly try to reconnect with each other and make their peace with the death of their tormentor, they realize exactly how damaged they all are, and they have to decide whether they want to do the hard work of getting better.

My one complaint - why is the long suffering, perfect sister always called Beth.  It's so Little Women.

This wasn't an easy book to read, but it was a riveting book to read.

Current Goodreads Rating 4.41

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