Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Death at the Yoga Cafe by Michelle Kelly

Hardcover272 pages
Published January 31st 2017 by Minotaur Books

What They Say.....Keeley Carpenter has found her center. After returning to Befrey, the traditional English village she called home ten years ago, she’s opened her dream yoga café, which doubles as both a yoga studio and a delicious vegetarian café. Even better, Keeley is dating handsome Detective Ben Taylor, and things are beginning to look serious.

Too bad things never seem to run smoothly for long. Eager to get involved with the local community, Keeley sets up a booth at the annual Belfrey Arts Festival, along with her nemesis, fellow small business owner Raquel. Preparing herself to play nice, she’s shocked when Raquel’s boyfriend, Town Mayor Gerald, is found dead after a public spat. Despite Ben’s strict warnings to stay out of it, Keeley isn’t going to let an innocent woman take the blame for the murder—even if it is glamorous, spoiled Raquel.

Now Keeley must balance a precarious murder investigation with the demands of her growing business and now-strained relationship. But when the killer takes a personal interest in Keeley, can she find the culprit before she gets bent out of shape? Charming and delicious, this cozy follow up to Downward Facing Death features recipes from Keeley’s café and is perfect for fans of Cleo Coyle and Laura Childs.

What I Say....This was the second book in Michelle Kelly's series.  Although you don't have to have read Downward Facing Death in order to enjoy this one, it would make more sense to read them in order.

Keeley is content in her life, she has opened her vegetarian cafe - which seems to be doing more business than you would expect in a small English village, and has settled into a happy relationship with her cop boyfriend, Ben.

Raquel has been her frenemy since high school, and Keeley doesn't really admire her dating choices - think old, rich men, but she tries to get along to keep the peace.  

When Raquel's boyfriend (the Mayor) turns up violently murdered, she reaches out to Keeley to help prove her innocence.  

In the meantime, Keeley's mom turns up unexpectedly and seems to be harboring a secret, her boyfriend is becoming increasingly angry at her meddling in his investigation, not to mention putting herself in danger.

How far will Keeley go to help an old enemy?  I can tell you right now, she went much further than I would - maybe I should do more yoga!

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