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My Weekly Book Haul....March 29, 2015

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I'm considering leaving Showcase Sunday by Books, Biscuits and Tea because it is so irregular in it's appearance.  But I can only imagine that running a book blog roundup is probably not the most important thing on her to-do list every week, and I do love the blog and the people who post on the meme, so I guess I'll just whine.

This was a really busy week in our household.  We bought our youngest daughter her first car - after countless hours looking, driving to dealerships and haggling.  I'm divorced and her dad lives out of state, so it all fell on me, except for half of the money, so I have no business complaining too much. We found her a 2009 Toyota Corolla and the goal is to make it last through college.  After that, it's up to her.

In home news, I brought my bookshelves out of the unused office and put them in the living room and happily stacked them with all of my books.  My ex used to always hate having so many books around, and I can't believe I've spent the last years feeling like they should be hidden.  It just came to me one day, I can put them wherever I want them and who cares if anyone else thinks books aren't decorative??

I did go through the books on the shelves before I moved them, and took two big boxes full of books to the Friends of the Library for their sale.

I added a few books but I'm still trying to get my TBR pile under control.


Stolen Child by Laura Elliot.....It's every mother's worst nightmare…  

Carla Kelly wakes to find her two-day-old baby daughter's cot empty.
Isobel has been taken.
Susanne Dowling has kept a terrible secret following her fifth agonising miscarriage. When at last she welcomes her new baby daughter into her life she realises they will both be safe as long as Susanne keeps her daughter close, and confesses her lie to no one. Ever.
Carla, a top model, launches a fierce national campaign to find her baby – but the trail is cold. She receives threats and recriminations from strangers – she flaunted her pregnancy in the media, she cashed in on it, she deserves everything she gets – and, pressured by well-meaning loved ones to move on, she begins to fall apart.
But one letter Carla receives stands out from the rest, offering support from a surprising quarter. It sparks a chain of events that opens wounds and exposes shocking secrets from Carla’s past that suggest what happened to her daughter was revenge a long time planned.
And it will bring Carla unknowingly close to the stolen daughter she has sworn she will do anything to get back …


The Life and Death of Sophie Stark by Anna North....Gripping and provocative, The Life and
Death of Sophie Stark is a haunting story of fame, love, and legacy told through the propulsive rise of an iconoclastic artist. 

Sophie Stark begins her filmmaking career by creating a documentary about her obsession, Daniel, a college basketball star. But when she becomes too invasive, she finds herself the victim of a cruel retribution. 

The humiliation doesn’t stop her. Visionary and unapologetic, Sophie begins to use stories from the lives of those around her to create movies, and as she gains critical recognition and acclaim, she risks betraying the one she loves most.

Told in a chorus of voices belonging to those who knew Sophie best, The Life and Death of Sophie Stark is an intimate portrait of an elusive woman whose monumental talent and relentless pursuit of truth reveal the cost of producing great art. It is “not only a dissection of genius and the havoc it can wreak, but also a thunderously good story” (Emma Donoghue).

The Summer of Good Intentions by Wendy Francis....Cape Cod summers are supposed to remain
reassuringly the same, but everything falls apart when three sisters and their families come together for their annual summer vacation—and they are carrying more secrets than suitcases.

Maggie is the oldest. She feels responsible for managing the summer house and making sure everything is as it always has been. But she’s hurt that her parents’ recent divorce has destroyed the family’s comfortable summer routines, and her own kids seem to be growing up at high speed. Is it too late to have another baby?

Jess is the middle sister. She loves her job but isn’t as passionate about her marriage. She’s not sure she can find the courage to tell Maggie what she’s done—much less talk to her husband about it.

Virgie is the youngest, her dad’s favorite. She’s always been the career girl, but now there’s a man in her life. Her television job on the west coast is beyond stressful, and it’s taking its toll on her—emotionally and physically. She’s counting on this vacation to erase the symptoms she’s not talking about.

The Herington girls are together again, with their husbands and kids, for another summer in the family’s old Cape Cod house. When their mother, Gloria, announces she’s coming for an unscheduled visit—with her new boyfriend—no one is more surprised than their father, Arthur, who has not quite gotten over his divorce. Still, everyone manages to navigate the challenges of living grown-up lives in close quarters, until an accident reveals a new secret that brings everyone together in heartbreak…and then healing.

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