Monday, November 9, 2015

The Good Neighbor by Amy Sue Nathan

What They Say.....Things are a little rough for Izzy Lane. Still reeling from the break-up of her marriage, the newly single mom moves back to the Philadelphia home she grew up in, five-year-old Noah in tow. The transition is difficult, but with the help of her best friends—and her elderly neighbor, Mrs. Feldman—

Izzy feels like she’s stepping closer to her new normal. Until her ex-husband shows up with his girlfriend. That’s when Izzy invents a boyfriend of her own. And that’s when life gets complicated.

Blogging about her “new guy” provides Izzy with something to do when Noah’s asleep. What’s the harm in a few made-up stories? Then, her blog soars in popularity and she’s given the opportunity to moonlight as an online dating expert. How can she turn it down? But when her friends want to meet the mysterious “Mac,” someone online suspects Izzy’s a fraud, and a guy in-real-life catches her eye, Izzy realizes just how high the stakes are. That’s when Mrs. Feldman steps in, determined to show her neighbor the havoc that lies can wreak. If Izzy’s honest, she could lose everything, and everyone. Is the truth worth any cost?

What I Say.....I finished this a week or so ago, but haven't written my review until today.  Mostly because I didn't care too much.  The book was just a "meh" for me.  It wasn't great, it wasn't horrible, it was just there.

It started off okay, it seemed like Izzy was still pining for her ex, although he didn't seem interested at all.  But when the book moved into her inventing the online boyfriend, I just didn't think it was that big of deal.  And the big reveal lacked some serious oomph.

I don't like to give bad reviews, and this wasn't a bad book, it was just an average book.  It didn't incite any feeling in me either way.

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