Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Prodigal Sister by Laura Elliott

What They Say.....Four sisters. Four secrets. One reunion to reconcile the past.

Cathy fled her Dublin home was she was just fifteen years old, and pregnant. Starting a new life in New Zealand with her son Conor, and new partner Lyle, she believes the secret she carries will never be revealed…

Rebecca was eighteen when her parents died and she took responsibility for her younger sisters. Years later, she is haunted by fears she hoped she'd conquered.

Freed from family duties, mother of three Julie is determined to recapture the dreams of her youth but at what price? 

Married to a possessive older man, Lauren embarks on a frantic love affair that threatens to destabilise her fragile world.

Anxious to make peace with her three sisters, Cathy invites them to her wedding. But as the women journey together through New Zealand towards their reunion, they are forced to confront the past as the secret shared histories of the Lambert sisters are revealed.

Accompany the Lambert sisters on their unforgettable journey – fans of Jojo Moyes and Liane Moriarty will be spellbound.

What I Say.....This book came right when I needed it.  I've been a little resistant to my blog lately, because I've been feeling like reading was work vs. fun.  Then I opened this book and fell right into the story of four orphaned sisters.

A lot of times, books aren't able to skip through time well, but this story followed Cathy's life from age 5, when her parents died all the way through adulthood, and I really didn't feel like any part of her journey was skipped.  I knew her as a sad child writing letters to her mother in heaven, then as an awkward pre-teen who morphed into a Goth as a way to belong, and then as teenage runaway, then finally as a stable, yoga loving mother.  

For me, Cathy was the main character, but looking back, any of the sisters could be your main character, because all of their stories were given time and attention.

I read A Stolen Child last year and I really enjoyed it.  But this one just cemented Laura Elliott as a go to author for me.  She reminds me of Lianne Moriarty in her ability to write about women who persevere through life even after bad things happen.  The story and characters are relatable, but in the end, always inspiring.

Right now two of her books are free on Kindle unlimited and two are $2.99!  It's the perfect time to try her!

So this is a gift that book blogging has given me, an author I may never have read otherwise.

Current Goodreads Rating 3.64

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