Monday, January 2, 2017

The Other Sister by Dianne Dixon

What They Say.....One sister has everything. Her twin hates her for it.

Would life be better without Ali? Probably. At least then people might think about Morgan. Ali's always gotten everything ― she doesn't even realize how much Morgan resents her.

Ali also doesn't realize that when she shuts Morgan out entirely, she will unleash a chain of events that show just how dangerous the underside of love really is. As their lives spin toward something neither one of them can control, a terrifying crime reveals how those who know us best can destroy us...or save us.

What I Say....Ali and Morgan are twins, but couldn't be more different.  Ali has lived a fairly charmed life, complete with friends, men, talent and beauty.  Morgan has struggled a bit more, and while I found her super annoying and clingy, I also found Ali to be not as perfect as she seemed.  In fact, all of the characters in this book were flawed in some way, which kept you on an emotional roller coaster of who you were rooting for, as they all seemed to take turns in being the villain and the victim.

Based on the book's description, I expected a much different story.  This book was much more complicated, focused on multiple characters, and Ali's rape wasn't the focal point of the story, but more like a plot twist.

The greatest change was Morgan's development from a weird, self-loathing, bitter person into one who not only accepted herself, but began letting others into her life in a positive way, including her sister.

Honestly, it seemed like this book couldn't decide whether it was a sister book, a thriller or a dysfunctional family book - and some of that choppiness made it difficult to know how to feel when the book ended.  

I enjoyed it and would read this author again.  Thank you, NetGalley for the ARC!

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