Sunday, October 1, 2017

Pretty, Nasty, Lovely by Rosalind Noonan

What They Say.....Pledging to Theta Pi at Merriwether University seemed to offer Emma Danelski a passport to friendship, fun, and popularity. But the excitement of pledge training quickly fades, as does the warmth of her so-called sisters. What’s left is a stifling society filled with petty rules, bullying, and manipulation. Most haunting are the choices Emma makes in the wake of another sorority sister’s suicide . . .

It doesn’t matter that no one else needs to know what Emma did, or how vastly different life at Theta House is from the glossy image it projects. Emma knows. And now, with her loyalties tested, she must decide which secrets are worth keeping and how far she’ll go to protect them—and herself . . .

What I Say....This was a quick little read.  Emma grew up missing a sense of family after her sister and mother were killed in a car accident.  So she took a year off after high school to save the money needed to pay for pledging a sorority.  Sit back and absorb that. It was so important to her that she pushed back her education and career to pledge a sorority.   Bonkers.

So she's joined a sorority, and she feels a strong sense of sisterhood, but I don't really know why.  The older girls are hot messes and not nice to her to boot.

There are flashbacks to a dead baby in a laundry basket.  And a sorority sister who jumps off a bridge -or did she?  

I enjoyed the book, don't get me wrong.  But it could have been even better.  The professor and the dean were cardboard characters that didn't really add to the story.  

Some things were brought up that caught my interest, but never really explained or explored further.  Did Emma's sister purposefully try to kill her family?  The second baby that was found in the gorge was a brief mention without any follow up.   These are kind of big plot twists to just mention then drop.

I'll look for her next book, there's a lot of talent there, just needs a little better execution.  

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