Tuesday, August 19, 2014

English Chick Lit...my favorite escape

I freely admit that I love chick lit.  Fun, breezy chick lit - no thought required.  And sometimes, I just need a happy ending.
My most favorite chick lit is English Chick Lit.  If it's set in World War II, even better.
The first book set in England that I read and loved was by Rosamunde Pilcher, "The Shell Seekers".  It was a long book, about an old woman and her look back at her life in WWII.  Sounds boring, right?  It wasn't.
I love to read about women in the English countryside who spend their days in the dirt creating magnificent gardens.  Why this speaks so loudly to the Arizona girl who has a hard time keeping a hibiscus in a pot alive is beyond me.
Kate Morton is another English writer who makes WWII come alive.  I read her books way before Downton Abbey came on, but it definitely reminds me of that show. I grab up everything she writes as soon as it comes out.
If you move into this century, of course Helen Fielding is a no brainer - one of the few books that I thought was just as good as a movie.
But I also love Jane Green.  I have read everything she has ever written, but my favorite is To Have and To Hold.  Just a normal woman, trying to decide between love/marriage and personal happiness.
A recent discovery is Gil McNeil.  She wrote a great chick lit book about a woman starting over post divorce, and it just happens to be set in the English countryside in an old manor with a beautiful garden.  Bonus points that she doesn't have to actually do any gardening.
These are all feel good, relaxing books to read.  The perfect way to lose yourself for a few hours.

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