Thursday, August 28, 2014 Maria Murnane

What they say....Katrina Lynden has always walked a straight line in life, an approach that has resulted in a stable career and pleased her hard-nosed parents but that has also left her feeling unfulfilled—and miserable. 

When her best friend suggests they quit their Silicon Valley jobs and embark on two months of adventure in New York City, Katrina balks at the idea but ultimately agrees, terrified yet proud of herself for finally doing something interesting with her life. 

But when her friend has to back out at the last minute, Katrina finds herself with a tough decision to make. Much to her surprise, she summons the courage to go alone, and the resulting journey is transformative, both emotionally and physically. 

Along the way she makes new friends, loses others, learns what is really important to her, and finds a way to grow up without leaving herself behind.

What I say....One weekend I was absently searching for an easy chick lit read after reading "Gone, Girl".  Amazon suggested that I might like "Perfect on Paper" by Maria Murnane.  It looked cute, I bought it and read it in one weekend.  It was okay, but obviously the work of a freshman writer.  It was a little jagged, a little trite.

I received a copy of "Katwalk" from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I decided to give her another chance.

I am so glad that I did.  "Katwalk" was once again a cute little chick lit read, but it read more like a modern day fairy tale.  I'm sure uprooting your life and becoming successful in New York City is probably not as easy as this story made it seem, but the writing made me feel like it was.

Kat leaves her boring accounting job behind, takes on a new city, makes new, inspiring friends, tries out good things (yoga, sports, going out with friends) and bad (married men, hangovers) and generally rediscovers what makes her happy.

It can't be great chick lit if you don't find Prince Charming and Kat does.  She kisses a frog on the way, but there is no doubt who she belongs with.

I have to say I love chick lit and I am not ashamed.

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