Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Are you a Good Book Blogger or a Bad Book Blogger?

As a newer book blogger, I am still trying to learn the ropes and discover what makes a great book blog.

I have received books that I have loved, loved, loved.  And those are the easiest ones to review because I can rave and let everyone know that this is one that you MUST read.

But I've also gotten some books that I thought were not so good, some that I even struggled to finish because they were just plain BAD.

And they are hard for me to review.  For a few reasons.  One, the author has poured their heart and soul into this book (exception, Janet Evanovich, you know you are just phoning it in now, chickie), and I don't really want to publicly insult their life's work.  It just feels needlessly mean.

Two, I don't want to make publishers angry, because they are the ones kind enough to give me their books to review.  I love getting books on my Kindle and in the mail, and I'm old enough to know that you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

But I have a pretty dry sense of humor, and I usually write the same way I talk.  Snark is part of my natural language.  So holding that back can sometimes feel dishonest to me.  Plus, I think my snark may be more entertaining to readers, rather than my professional speak - which I already have to do 8 hours a day.

So what to do?  Be myself?  Or not?

My fellow bloggers, how do you handle it when you read a book that you didn't care for?  Are you honest in your review or do you just not review the book?

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