Friday, January 2, 2015

Food: A Love Story by Jim Gaffigan

I hadn't read Gaffigan's previous book, "Dad is Fat", but now I think I want to.

Food: A Love Story is written by someone who is not ashamed of his love for comfort food.  This isn't a book written by a "foodie" and there are no highbrow cuisine reviews.  Gaffigan grew up in the Midwest, and he has the food sensibility of a Midwesterner.  Which totally appeals to me, since I have the same sensibility.

One of the funniest parts of the book is when he describes his feelings towards all things seafood, or  "Seabugs", as he refers to them.  I have never understood people who order fish at a restaurant, because it just seems like you could do so much better.  Gaffigan wrote, "I really wish I could be that guy at the restaurant that looks at the menu and decides, "Well, I rarely get to go out to dinner, but instead of getting a delicious steak, I'm going to order the fish, because I like nasty tasting things.".  Cracked me up!  Probably because I hate seafood in all forms too.  Even tuna disgusts me, unless it's mixed with a ton of mayo and hid on toasted bread with cheddar cheese.

This was a quick read, mostly because it was so funny.  I am interested to know if this really only resonated with Midwesterners, or if people all over the country have the same secret thoughts?

Thank you, Blogging for Books and Random House for the copy of this book!

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